Time Lapse: Girl from birth to 12-years. So cool to see how she turns out!

This is just so special. I wish I had the forethought to do something like this. Well, actually, I did. It’s not like I haven’t seen time lapse videos before and thought to myself, hey, that’s so cool. I have to do that.

So when I had a baby boy, what did I do? Lots of stuff. What didn’t I do? Start a time lapse video, of course. Even as I write this I’m thinking, he’s only two, I can start that right now! But I have a feeling that I won’t. Which kinda stinks. So maybe I will. Tomorrow.

Take a moment out of your day to watch this adorable fellow human age through 12 years of her life. It’s worth it.

Source: Vimeo / Frans Hofmeester

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