Husky puppy sounds like he is talking!

Ramsey the talking husky puppy. Is he saying lasagna? You be the judge.

I had a husky. His name was Fritz. Fritz would follow me around everywhere. He thought I was the bestest, funnest, most wonderful thing in the entire universe. And he may have been right. Truth be told, I am pretty awesome. Don’t just take my word for it, ask any husky. I am confident that they will back me up on this.

Onward… I think this particular husky – or husky-ish as I don’t see anything official on the wall from the AKC – is begging for lasagna. LASAGNA! LaSAgnA!

Have fun watching Ramsey, the (seemingly) husky dog cry out for lasagna (which he may or may not secretly be thinking is Siberian Makaroni).

Source: YouTube / Kayla Cagnola

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