Ozzy the dog does a handstand on a rope! Very impressive for humans, ego-buster for other dogs.

Ozzy the Amazing Acrobatic Dog

Q: What do you get when you cross a border collie and a kelpie? A: An Ozzy!

This playful pooch definitely earned himself a Scooby-snack for this feat. I don’t know why they’re calling it a handstand (he’s got no hands, man!) – but it’s an amazing pawstand.

Ozzy is a border collie, kelpie mix living in Norwich Norfolk, UK who became the Guinness World Record holder for “Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog” in 2013.


Maybe Jasmine will start paying attention to Ozzy now.

In the first video (below),  Ozzy (real name: Ozbert Humpledink Pumperknickle)  takes it a step further by turning it into a front pawstand.

What motivates a dog to do this beyond a tasty treat? How about to show up a cat or squirrel? Or maybe to impress the cute bichon frise in the dog house next door…

Well, kudos to Ozzie and Nick for the 2-years they spent working on this.

Source: YouTube / NicknOzzy

Get yer Scooby Snacks - clicky here.

Get yer Scooby Snacks!

Once Ozzy mastered pawstanding on a rope, Nick Johnson (his owner/trainer/pal) moved on to working with voice commands for this particular balancing act.

This next video shows how a training session goes and how much concentration Ozzy needs to have.

It also shows me how I may have bragged a little too much about getting my dog to learn how to shake my hand.

Source: YouTube / NicknOzzy

As for earning his spot on the Guinness World Record Book, here is the live footage of his victory performance (02-01-2013).

Source: YouTube / NicknOzzy


Kelpie’s are Australian sheep dogs that rock at mustering and droving livestock.

Visit Nick and Ozzy’s facebook page here: Ozzy the Dog.
Other Photo Credits: NicknOzzy (Ozzy glamour shot); Antranias (Jasmine); Wikipedia – Australian Kelpie

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