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Breaking News: Video Surfaces to Support Latest Scandal with

A recent discovery details what may be the most explosive news to date in an investigation that affects millions of people from over 30 countries.

Rick Astley - Rick Rolling

According to sources within the intelligence community, these new revelations have shined a light on recent developments and a new video has surfaced that confirms initial reports.

After reviewing the newly released details, officials have decided to take dramatic actions to make sure that no further damage can be done – and these actions may impact men and women throughout the country.

With tensions rising, officials have decided to initiate a massive effort to combat the spread before more people are affected. A source close the someone from the department has disclosed that matters will get worse without swift action.

The director had this to say:

“Someone sent you to this page? Then you’ve been Rick rolled baby!”

We have a few videos below for you to check out.

You can pause the audio track at the end of this article if you want to watch the videos.

Here’s a video of Rick Astley singing his cult classic song, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” that is more recent.

Want more? Check out the fun video from the Clevelenad Cavs. Not Rick but just as fun to watch and listen to.

Here is the audio file you’re listening to…


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