Epic Challenge: Man races the Tube – aka Subway – and it’s a rush to watch.


Man vs. Tube: Great Race. Superman vs. Flash? The greatest race of all time.

He’s not the Flash or Superman, but he just loves a challenge. Check that — he loves an Epic Challenge.

In this case, the challenge was to “Race the Tube” from Mansion House to Cannon Street. The course spans 380 meters and includes 2 ticket barriers and 75 steps. All he has to do is sprint from the train when it stops at the first station and get on at the next station.

FYI: The Tube is what they call the subway in London. They also call it the London Underground or just the Underground, which is not to be confused with  The Velvet Underground (which was made in America).


The Pony Express. It ain’t an underground train system, but everyone loves horses.

Cool tidbit — the Tube is considered the oldest rapid transit system, incorporating the world’s first underground railway which opened in 1863.

Nuther tidbit — That’s just about the time we had the Pony Express here in the States. And you know what? I don’t think this guy would be able to beat a horse in a race. So there’s that.

What will happen? Will he be able to beat the Tube to Cannon Street and hop on? Will he pay for tickets or jump the turnstiles? Will he knock over any children — or old folks? Will he grab any purses?

See for yourself because he strapped a video camera to his head!

Source: YouTube / Epic Challenges
Photo Sources: DC Comics (comic book cover); Wikipedia/USPS (Pony Express stamp)

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