Squirrels vs. Bird Feeders. Steve Barley challenges the great grey menace with his Double Squirrel Assault Course.

Squirrels sure are crafty. 10-bucks worth of bird viddles scattered around in minutes. It’s bad enough that I actually spend money on bird seed considering they are surrounded by bugs (ie: actual bird food), but to see a squirrel going to town on a freshly served feeder of seed is just painful.

So I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the squirrels that visit my yard. They just love me and I just hate them. I have one of those have-a-heart cages and have caught my fair share but there seems to be an endless supply. After I snag one of the buggers, I relocate it to a wooded area a few miles away — which we now call The Squirrel Farm. It’s not like I can just tackle them and go Ozzy on them (which apparently is popular to do in Kentucky).

As for Steve Barley, he just embraced the grey menace and created an assault course to make them earn every last seed — or die trying. Make sure you pump up the volume because Steve’s commentary is hilarious!

Source: Youtube / Steve Barley

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