Scariest Threat to a Kid Ever. Courtesy of Carol the Zombie Killer. Instant Classic.

Wow. This has got to be the scariest threat I’ve ever heard laid on a kid to keep them from squealing. Get yourself into the moment of the situation. Carol’s in the process of stealing some hand guns for herself and her friends (for protection, of course).

Sam (the kid) followed her from a party thinking she might have more of the apparently awesome chocolate cookies she made, although I don’t actually recall seeing the cookies. WTF. Where are the cookies Carol!??! Did you even make them?

So Sammy boy climbs through the window as she’s securing the artillery. Carol – not happy. Sam – unaware he’s about to be told a scenario that will have him – a: soiling himself. b: having nightmares for, um, evah and c: not really enjoying those chocolate cookies the way he thought.

Last point, re: acting. The eye contact from El Samerino is way cool. Kid totally nailed it.

Source: Youtube / AMC

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