Guinness World Record: Man Gains 155 Pounds in 4-hours.

Matt McAllister, a Santa Barbara, CA, based radio show host (99.9 KTYD), gained 100-pounds in 4 hours when he put on 155 t-shirts to set the world record for the most t-shirts worn at one time.

What? You think my title is misleading? Maybe we just have a different perspective on it. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a cool story or a cool video. It also doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. This dude packed on 100 libbies of shirt in 4-hours – and you get to watch it happen in about a minute. Much easier on you than Matt…

Bad news is that he ended up losing his title to someone who managed 227 shirts. And when he went on Regis & Kelly to regain the top spot? He couldn’t do it. He reached 177 before getting dizzy, needing oxygen, and having the offending T’s cut off.

Source: Youtube / 3to1

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