NYC Man Stuck on Elevator for 41 Hours. Cam Footage of The Elevator Incident.

Have you ever heard about the 1999 “Elevator Incident?” Nicholas White worked for Business Week at 1221 Avenue of the Americas (AKA, the McGraw-Hill Building). It’s a skyscraper located at 1221 Sixth Avenue, in Manhattan.

On his way back from a cigarette break, he became trapped thanks to a power dip which caused the elevator to stop between the 13th and 14th floors. How long do you think it would take before you started climbing the walls, trapped in an elevator? A few hours? A day?

B25 crashed into Empire State Building causing 75-foot elevator drop.

B25 crashed into Empire State Building causing 75-foot elevator drop.

Watch the time-compressed footage of Nicholas White as he deals with a 41 hour nightmare scenario. A nightmare which was, no doubt, followed by endless reminders from everyone about how it wouldn’t have happened if he had quit smoking (AKA: the “Nagging about Smoking After the Elevator Incident Incident”).

Let’s face it. Elevators are a little scary – especially in skyscrapers. If you’ve ever gone up 50 or 60 floors, then the thought of plummeting to your death may have crossed your mind.

According to WikiPedia, the longest elevator fail on record happened in 1945 at the Empire State Building when a B25 bomber airplane crashed into it. That elevator fell from the 75th floor – and the woman survived! Elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver still holds the Guinness World Record for the longest survived elevator fall.

As for Mr. White, here’s the footage.

Source: Youtube

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