Raw Footage: Justin Timberlake Sings Happy Birthday to Autistic Boy – 25k Crowd Joins In!

Over the past few years, Justin Timberlake has made it onto my list of people that I just can’t help but like. He shares the page with the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Tom Hanks. I don’t actually listen to his music — sorry JT — but every time I see him he is just so darned nice and entertaining.

How long is a moment

A moment is actually 90 seconds – and is based on solar hours and sun dials.

And now he did it again (oops!) by taking a break during his concert so he could sing Happy B-day to an 8-year old boy name Julian.

Julian, as it turned out, happens to be autistic and is a HUGE JT fan. And not only did JT sing to him, but the crowd joined in for a truly memorable moment.

Here we have the heartwarming, raw footage taken from Julian’s row, followed by a few more videos from when it made the news.

Covering it on the Today Show!

and on ABC’s Good Morning America

Source: YouTube / Pastor Peter Delan

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