The High Diving Giraffe Video Everyone is Talking About.

As I post this, over 1 million people have watched this video. Now it’s your turn to see what would happen if a herd of giraffes had access to an olympic-sized swimming and diving pool. I thought the sound of their hooves echoing through the facility is especially cool.


Giraffeeee wanna cracker?

I’m lucky enough to live close to some giraffes and I have to admit – they can be a bit intimidating. The males grow to about 18-feet tall and even the baby giraffes start out at a pretty sizable 6-feet tall. Once you’re near an adult, you quickly come to the realization that this elegant creature can stomp the snot out of you.

And at up to 20-inches long, their tongues are just plain freaky — especially when you tease them with food so they stick their tongue farther and farther out to reach it.

Source: Youtube / Guigo Lopes

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