Which memorable Raiders of the Lost Ark scene was unscripted – and totally awesome!

If you’re old enough to have had the supreme pleasure of seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in a movie theater, then you probably had the same experience as me.

Lots of chasing and action and then this smiling swordsman shows up to take out our hero. Holy smokes, Indie… what are you going to do now? You’re good with the whip and all, I mean crazy good with the whip, but this dude has a sword. And it isn’t one of those long, heavy King Arthur swords. It’s one of those insane looking curved swords.

Well, you know what happened next (if not, watch it below). But if you were in a theater, you were part of an unexpected roar of laughter and one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

But did you know that the scene was not scripted that way? According to Snopes.com:

That bit of unexpected humor flowed not from the pen of a screenwriter but from the desperation of Harrison Ford. His desire to spend less time on this scene and more in a washroom led to an actor-inspired script change that was ultimately worked into the film.

Here’s the scene in all it’s glory.

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