Damien Walters Jumps Over a House Using a Swing Set. Wowza – You Read That Right. Over a House.

Damien Walters is a British gymnast, stuntman and parkour practitioner with one of the largest followings on YouTube.

According to WikiPedia, parkour is a training discipline using movement to get from point A to B in the most efficient way possible. This is done using only the human body and the surroundings for propulsion, with a focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe.

Parkour can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, mantling, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other, similar movements depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation. In this situation, it involves a house, some friends and a swing set.

I can remember battling my friends on the playground to see who could jump the farthest off of the swing. And we would always wonder whether or not we could go fast enough to go over the top bar. We never could, but I have a feeling that Damien Walters might have…

Source: Youtube / Damien Walters

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