9 cats meet 20 boxes. You know you want to see what happens next.

This is just too cute. If you ever find yourself with a glut of boxes, and you happen to have a glut of cats, then you can do it too!


The Greatest Whack-a-Cat Competitor Ever (hypothetically).

Watching this did bring the thought of a feline version of whack-a-mole to my mind. Whack-a-cat if you will…

And I know just the guy who would be a stellar whacker. That’s right, I’ll get Gallagher to do it!

Settle down there dear cat hoarders, I am just kidding. I don’t even know Gallagher…

If you were to try this, might I suggest adding a little something to the mix? Catnip comes to mind first. Maybe a mini-poodle or two? At the very least, you could break out the laser light for some dot chasing mayhem.

Source: Youtube

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