If a Great White Shark Beached Itself, Would You Help It? Check Out What These Crazy-Brave Beach-Goers Did.

So you’re walking along the beach and BAM, you come across a beached great white shark. What do you do?

Do you whip out your Samurai sword which, as usual, is conveniently stashed down the back of your bathing suit — and then proceed to slice it up into 8-oz portions while your friends start a fire?

OR do you start doing a sub-par version of the Jaws theme as you get closer?

OR do you ask the person you’re with to “just go up and touch it to see if it’s alive” while you pull out your phone so you can film what might happen?

OR do you do what these people did in Cape Cod in Chatham, Massachusetts?

Note to self: approaching sharp-teethed carnivores with bare feet or sandals is probably not a good idea. Just saying.

Note to sharks: Don’t try to eat sea gulls on the beach. I mean, c’mon man. Really? You’re literally surrounded by food off shore.

Source: Youtube / Mike Bartell

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